Postdoctoral Scholars


Behavioral Decision Making

Steph is a postdoctoral scholar in Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

She received her PhD in Decision Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2019, and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Math, and Economics (with a concentration in Statistics) from St. Olaf College in 2014.

Steph was born in Iowa, grew up in the Chicago suburbs, spent four years in Minnesota, and spent five years in Ohio (which was the closest to an ocean that she'd ever lived). Now, she's in California and really excited to not have to scrape ice off of her car in the winter. Apart from research, she loves to run/bike/hike/swim (not all at once) and she's an avid traveler: 40+ U.S. states, 25+ countries (so far).

Behavioral Decision Making

Jehan is a postdoctoral scholar in the Fox Uncertainty Lab in the Behavioral Decision Making area at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

She received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology (with a minor in Quantitative Psychology) from UC Davis in 2019. Along the way, she completed Ph.D. coursework in Economics, earning masters degrees in both Economics (2013) and Psychology (2015) from UC Davis. She received her B.A. in Economics and Philosophy (with honors) from Columbia University in 2010.


Jehan studies negativity and positivity biases. Much of her research examines how people get “stuck” in different ways of thinking—like a negative (vs. positive) frame or a thought of what could have been worse (vs. better)—and the contextual factors that enable people to get unstuck and think more flexibly. She is excited about expanding her research to examine uncertainty and nudging healthy behaviors.


Jehan is an identical twin and avid distance runner. She previously worked at NERA Economic Consulting, applying behavioral insights to address environmental policy issues. You can learn more about her background and research HERE