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Variants of Uncertainty | Articles

Walters, D.J., Fernbach, P.M., Fox, C.R. & Sloman, S.A. (2017). Management Science, 63, 4298-4307.

Fox, C.R. & Ülkümen, G. (2017). Thinking & Reasoning, 23, 483-491.

Tannenbaum, D., Fox, C.R., & Ülkümen, G. (2017). Management Science, 63, 497-518.

Ülkümen, G., Fox, C.R., & Malle, B.F. (2016). Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145, 1280-1297. (Named Best Publication in Decision Analysis 2016, INFORMS).

Variants of Uncertainty | Book Chapters

Fox, C.R. and Ülkümen, G. (2011). Perspectives on Thinking, Judging, and Decision Making. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Variants of Uncertainty | Working Papers 

Walters, D.J., Ülkümen, G., Erner, C., Tannenbaum, D. & Fox, C.R.  Working Paper, INSEAD.

Fox, C.R., Tannenabaum, D., Ülkümen, G., Walters, D. & Erner, C.  Manuscript in preparation, UCLA Anderson School.

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