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How do we make decisions
under uncertainty?



Most decisions—from personal investment to corporate mergers, from whether to have

an operation to whether to settle a court case—must be made without knowing in advance how they will turn out. As the principal investigator at the Fox Uncertainty Lab, along with my research group, I examine how people make judgments and decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty. We explore these issues at the individual, market, and organizational levels. We rely on a combination of empirical methods, including surveys, laboratory and field experiments, analysis of market and archival data, physiological measurement and brain imaging techniques. 



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Postdoctoral Scholar Jehan Sparks Joins the Uncertainty Lab!

I study negativity and positivity biases that emerge across different valenced mental processes (like framing and counterfactual thinking), often under conditions of risk and uncertainty. My work uses online, laboratory, and field experiments to understand how people think about negative and positive information.

- Jehan Sparks, PhD